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Hydrangea Flower Arrangements by Carey's Flowers in South Hadley

With more than 75 species and 100,000 varieties, hydrangea are a big family of blooming flowers. Their vast diversity and unique beauty, hydrangea are a favorite amongst horticulturists and flower fans alike.

History of the Hydrangea

The oldest fossil finds were found in North America, namely Alaska, Oregon, and California, they were dated at 40 to 65 million years ago, more recent discoveries in China, Japan, Taiwan, and the Philippines prove that the Hydrangea have been on this planet long before the arrival of humans.

Fun Facts About Hydrangeas

If you’re one of the many flower lovers who appreciate the vintage, unique beauty of hydrangea, you might find these fun facts interesting: - Hydrangea grow EVERYWHERE. From .Southern Asia to the Americas - In Asia, giving pink hydrangeas symbolizes that you are the beat of their heart. - No shock value here, Keep your hydrangea hydrated. They are thirst flowers. They can drink you under the table! - The colors of the flowers are affected by the aluminum ions in the soil.

Get Your Hydrangea, Today

At Carey's Flowers, we’re proud to be your go-to vendor for South Hadley hydrangea flower arrangements. With local and nationwide delivery services, you can give the gift of a beautiful hydrangea arrangement with the peace of mind knowing it will arrive fresh and in mint condition. Browse our selection of remarkable orchids and place your order, today!